A VALue-Driven Life

Throughout his career, Bob D’Loren has been driven by a strong set of values and beliefs


Today, the retail industry is going through an unprecedented cycle of change. Technologies have dramatically changed the ways brands connect with their followers and create brand experiences. These same technologies have shifted control over margin and the influence over trends to the consumer. Robert D’Loren believes that the retail industry must truly reinvent itself and innovate to meet today’s challenges. He believes that we have yet to see the change that will occur from advancements in AI, robotics and automation.

Robert D’Loren has often referred to the famous Wayne Gretsky quote, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” As a leader and innovator, he formed Xcel Brands to create the world’s best and most responsive products, and to bring dynamic brands and great style to customers and followers in all aspects of their lives. The company’s vision is to reimagine shopping, entertainment and social as one. Its mission is to deliver the world’s best responsive products to its customers when and where they want them. He does this by following a total omnichannel strategy for each of the brands in the Xcel family, incorporating the most advanced design, supply chain techniques and marketing.

Change is inevitable. Embrace it when it comes.

The Power of Branding

What makes a brand truly powerful, and what allows it to survive, is in its ability to represent a purpose far beyond what meets the eye. Robert D’Loren knows that a great brand achieves a purpose beyond what is immediately apparent. Delivering on a brand’s fundamental human value promise is critical for any leader or entrepreneur in this social media era. He also believes that great brands are built around a fundamental human value that exist outside of the product.

Given his personal passion for architecture and design, his vision of the brand is not only focused on the business strategy, but also on its aesthetic value and the make and quality of its products. When you think about building a house or building, it takes a focus on planning and execution, but also a commitment to the beauty and detail of the design. A brilliant brand leader will guide a brand to deliver on its total brand promise, which must include the execution of great product.

As Xcel’s architect, he has assembled teams of the best creative minds, the ‘creative force’ behind each of Xcel’s brands. Xcel focuses its brands on their brand ideology, listens to their customers, defines their brand positioning, and creates the culture that enables them to connect with their customers and followers.

Robert D’Loren leads the brands of Xcel to produce long-term value. Brands that thrive are those that deliver on their brand promise.


Engage the emotion.

The Importance of Culture

When it comes to building a team and collaborating with partners, Robert D’Loren believes in complete transparency, fostering longevity, creating trust and staying committed to the core values that have guided his businesses for more than 30 years. He encourages his team and partners to work with a competitive edge, but with a necessity to collaborate fairly and to make the right business decisions that benefit all.

Being a business leader is also having the sophistication and the insight to know where an industry is heading before the future of that industry arrives. It takes listening to the customers, followers and partners of the company and its brands, and recognizing the intrinsic needs of the customer and market. He believes that through the perfect combination of authenticity, creativity, and sound business practice, a leader has the ability to unlock the potential of any business.

The bi-product of what his companies do, is to build value. Xcel Brands and IPX build value for company shareholders, employees, partners and all else who are vested in them.

Lead to do the right thing. Be open and honest. Collaborate fairly to win.

A Balanced Life

Finding balance isn’t easy, but it’s a vital and worthwhile pursuit, and the recipe to leading a successful life, both in and out of the office.

For Bob D’Loren, a balanced life has meant an investment of time and resources into his family, passions and businesses. His passions beyond work span across a variety of areas – from design and architecture to engineering to sports and fitness.

Throughout Bob’s career, between the numerous meetings, conference calls and business trips, finding balance has always been made a priority. To Bob, finding the time to invest in areas outside of work boils down to a simple idea – you either make the time or you don’t. That belief, along with his other values, have inspired Bob to lead a balanced and meaningful life.

Stay balanced and those around you will flourish.


Bob D’Loren’s personal experiences and own humble roots inspire him to help others achieve their goals. He is passionate about and committed to his community and his church.

Through his philanthropic efforts, Bob aims to help others in the pursuit of excellence – the driving force behind his own personal and professional achievements.

Bob was a college athlete, and is involved in a number of youth and sports related charities, including Achilles International, where he serves as a Director. He has been an avid and inspiring coach for youth sports teams, and often takes lessons from the field and implements them into his daily business practices..

Face your fears. The brave hearted may not live forever but the fearful never live at all.

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